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Meta Continues to Prioritize Metaverse Growth

Meta announced yesterday that Facebook will slowly begin integrating NFT functionalities with select creators in the U.S. This news comes about two months after Instagram (another Meta company) did the same.

Ok, but what does that mean? →

When Meta refers to “select creators” they are referring to celebrities or artists that create or collect NFTs. They want the pilot program to get as many eyes on it as possible before launching it to the public. For now, the functionalities are limited to what you see in the photo above. Meta will allow those creators to 1) connect their digital wallet to their account, 2) post any NFT (limited to Ethereum/Polygon collections for now), and 3) have a dedicated tab on their profile to show off all of their NFTs.

The Mint’s Thoughts →

This news is a bit conflicting for us. We like that NFTs are getting attention from large tech companies like Meta, but we also know that a large percentage of those heavily involved in web3 want to keep their distance from companies like Meta, Google, and others. These companies already own the bulk of our data… do we really want them to own more? On the flip side, they are also recognizing that NFTs are a great tool for content creators, and that’s probably good for the industry as a whole.

Ducks, Enter Flying Formation!

To celebrate the anniversary of Title IX, women at the University of Oregon launched Ducks of a Feather, a collection of 7200 one-of-a-kind NFTs that will be minted and sold to benefit participating University of Oregon women student-athletes.

The Collection →

Lili Tae, the artist in charge of the collection asked the 12 participating athletes to describe themselves in a series of icons, colors, and other attributes. From there, she created 12 unique NFTs that celebrated those qualities. The one shown below is meant to showcase confidence, balance, ambition, and indecisiveness.

Visions of Flight #131

You might be asking yourself… 12? I thought you said there was 7,200 one-of-a-kind NFTs? That’s where technology comes in. Ducks of a Feather is a generative NFT collection. That means that the 12 originals are scaled through a computer program and duplicated over and over. The program changes colors and other properties so that no two are alike. Still confused? Don’t worry. We talk more about generative art in the next section of The Mint.

The cost to mint one of these NFTs is .12 ETH ($126 today). The team also put a 10% royalty on the NFTs so that the women will continue to profit if the NFTs are resold. It’s only fair ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why The Mint is Impressed →

The Mint staff is pretty impressed with this collection. What a great way to raise awareness about Title IX, celebrate women student-athletes, and raise money! The team that launched this covered all of their bases. They made great artwork, launched an impressive campaign, and made it accessible to anyone that wants to get involved.

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Generative Art: What is it?

Let’s talk about generative art because it’s kind of the talk of the town with NFTs. If you’ve been peeping around the space, you may have noticed that many NFT collections are pretty simple. Look at this screenshot of some Moonbirds that are for sale on OpenSea. You can see that each one looks vaguely similar, but has different background colors, headwear, eye shape, clothes, eye color, feather color, etcetera. That's because it's generative art!

“ In generative art, instead of designing pieces from beginning to end and controlling the whole creation process, artists create a script that generates random output based on the different characteristics implemented in the script.”

Eliot Couvat, GCR.com

To make generative art, an artist creates a base frame then puts the rest of the attributes into a code and lets a computer take care of the rest. The computer assigns each attribute at random and creates as many versions as you want. The result? A completely unique piece of art! Pretty cool. Generative art allows creators to scale what they have created in the thousands or more, essentially allowing them to mass produce their art.

I’m no expert, so I understand if you want to check out further text on the subject like this article.

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