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SD’s First-Ever NFT Project is a Go!

GM and welcome to the Mint, where we break down NFT news like bugs break down dead plants (yeah…we know science).

SMH Bill

I think that we can all generally agree that Bill Gates is a pretty smart guy. After all, he co-founded Microsoft, one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. Over the years, Gates has been a pretty forward-thinking individual. As a tech pioneer, this is a vital attribute to have. 

Given his history as the dynamic leader of Microsoft, it was pretty shocking to see his comments last weekend. When asked about blockchain and NFTs, Bill stated that NFTs are “100% based on greater fool theory,” referring to the idea that NFTs will go up in value if others are willing to pay more for them. Gates also joked that “expensive digital images of monkeys” would “improve the world immensely.” 

When I saw this, I immediately thought of that Twitter account that posts freezing cold takes like this one. 

"We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction." 

- Bill Gates, 1996

Sorry to be the first to tell you, Bill, but you’re underestimating the change that will occur in the next ten years. Thanks to blockchain technology, web3 is making the internet more open and more distributed for everyone (unless you’re Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Meta (previously Facebook), Netflix, Microsoft, or Apple). NFTs are just the first way that we are experiencing this new internet revolution.

Women in Web3 - Thoughts by Caitlin 

Where do women fit into web3? Although the tech world has traditionally been dominated by white men in patagucci vests, Web3 is giving women a chance to get an early seat at the table. Sara Baumann, the creator of the popular NFT Collection Women and Weapons, puts it perfectly here, describing how women have been left behind in the web1 and web2 spaces, and we have an opportunity to be early in the web3 space. So why not?!

I've spent the last four months drinking from a firehose in this space and vividly remember my confusion and overwhelm the first few weeks. It only started to get better after the first few podcasts that I listened to. I learned that learning web3 is like learning anything —eventually, the acronyms, culture, and foreign concepts become normal, and you feel like a natural.

If you're a woman reading this, feel proud of yourself, and keep going. Keep learning. Digest podcasts, read articles, watch videos, download a wallet, and play around. My favorite woman lead podcast about NFTs is Overpriced JPEGS by Carly Reilly.

A few other badass women to follow in the NFT space:

Yam Karkai, Founder of the World of Women NFT collection

Lisa Mayer, Founder of Boss Beauties NFT collection

Maliha Abidi, Founder of Women Rise NFT collection

Fellow women navigating web3, we have a seat at the table. WAGMI!


Wallet Security: Spicy Hot or Icy Cold?

We at The Mint want to make sure you stay safe and have fun as you navigate the world of NFTs and crypto. One of the first things to learn and master is keeping your wallet safe. In the last edition of Enlightenmint, we discussed the difference between your public and private key. Today I want to explain the difference between a hot and cold wallet. 

Check out the video above to learn about the two ways to keep your crypto safe and learn more about my cold wallet at Ledger.com.

SD's First NFT Project!

No Fun Team, aka the company behind The Mint, is helping Koch Hazard, an architecture firm in Sioux Falls, SD release their first NFT collection (and quite possibly the first-ever NFT collection released by a business in SD). 

The Project→ 

Koch Hazard is working with Startup Sioux Falls to design and build their new HQ in downtown Sioux Falls. In order to get first dibs on a workspace at the new location when it opens, you need to be a member of the Founder’s Club. If you decide to join the Founder’s Club, you get a $200 discount on a one-year Startup Sioux Falls membership, insider access and early updates on the progress of the new HQ, an exclusive invitation to a pre-launch celebration for you and one guest, and Startup Social Club membership benefits until the new HQ opens. 

Where an NFT Comes In → 

When you sign up to become a Founding Member, you get access to a Founding Member NFT. This NFT comes with a tutorial from No Fun Team to help Founders set up a wallet and obtain their first NFT. No Fun Team is going to guide you through the process in a safe and clear way. By signing up to be a Founding member, you’ll get access to a super-informational webinar, access to recorded how-to videos, and access to in-person events to onboard you into the world of Web3. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, sign up here

Minty-Fresh News

  • NFT NYC is happening on June 20 in New York City. John and Caitlin will be there, reply to this email and say hi if you're going!

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