Trump NFTs Go Viral!

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Today's Story

So, as you may have seen on social media or your favorite news station, Donald Trump released an NFT collection called Trump Cards.

Is it real? Yes.

Are they actually NFTs? Surprisingly, yes.

Is the concept hilarious? Oh yeah.

If you haven't seen the video, it's a must-watch.

We know that Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, and we are in no way attempting to support or further any kind of political agenda through this newsletter.

So What Are Trump Cards?

As the name implies, Trump Cards are literally digital trading cards (NFTs) that feature Mr. 45 in numerous likenesses. The official website has this to say about the cards:

[Trump Cards] are just like baseball cards, but you collect them digitally, on your computer or phone. All you need is an email address and a credit card to start collecting 1, 10, 20 or 100. Instantly become part of a new league of collectors.

To say the absolute least, the trading cards are pretty laughable. They portray DT as a superhero, patriot, movie star, mechanic, rancher, and more. The creative team went ALL in to make this one of the most outrageous-looking collections The Mint has ever seen. Here are a few examples of the cards ↓

Additionally, each card also comes with the potential to win Willy-Wonka-like sweepstakes. Buyers can win a one-on-one dinner with the former President, a zoom call, signed merchandise, golf retreats, and more. The more you buy, the higher your chance of winning a prize. They capped it at 100 cards per person (we really hope someone didn't buy 100 of these things).

How'd The Collection Do?

Trump's team created 45,000 of these bad boys and priced them at $99 a pop.

At first, many refused to believe that Trump's trading cards were real and that this whole thing was a publicity stunt. Once the authenticity was proven, media outlets roasted DT and couldn't believe he was actually selling NFTs of himself for $100. On his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel called the project "literally cards against humanity" 😅

To the surprise of many, including us, the first edition of cards sold out in 24 hours, grossing $4.5 million.

You've got to applaud Trump's business prowess.

His cards have made it to public markets like OpenSea and are making headlines there too. The rare, sought-after cards are already selling for 5-6 ETH (6-7k USD).

Are Other Public Figures Going To Follow?

Other celebs have already done this... but they weren't quite as successful as this one.

Because of the immediate success of this project, we think that Donald Trump will certainly catalyze other celebs to do the same.

As you can see, these projects can be incredible fundraisers. Trump will no doubt release a second collection.

With the right technology/legal team, creating a large-scale NFT collection like this one is a pretty simple endeavor. We wouldn't be surprised if the next few months were filled with similar NFT project announcements.

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