An Update on The Mint


Some News

At the end of 2022, John and I sat down to discuss what we wanted to do with this newsletter moving forward.

The main topic of our conversation was simply this — it was getting increasingly difficult to find meaningful stories to share with all of you. We were at a crossroads...Keep writing The Mint despite the audience we are targeting losing interest in NFTs or keep writing for months (maybe years) until the audience is interested again.

We decided to take a month off and make a decision later. After a few weeks of discussion, we jointly agreed to stop publishing The Mint. Here's why 👇

An Update From John

It's amazing how much things can change in 12 months.

Last February I was formulating my thoughts on launching an agency to help brands launch NFTs. I was spending most of my day reading, learning, and wrapping my head around the world of Web3. In 2022, I both made (and lost) lots of money in crypto. 🙁

Today, February 2023, I've shuttered that NFT business, launched a coaching business working with agency founders, and just accepted a part-time job as an executive director of a non-profit. This is why I always tell people to enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination. I could not have predicted this 12 months ago.

We initially launched The Mint to help educate folks about this burgeoning space in a friendly way and bring awareness and eventually business to No Fun Team. I know we accomplished the first goal and, to be honest, we stopped caring about the second goal and just enjoyed writing the newsletter. By the fall of 2022, it became hard to accomplish the first goal. NFT stories were hard to find and most of the audience started to tune out. We still believe in the power of blockchain at The Mint and I will continue to play in the NFT space, but I will now be doing it as a collector/hobbyist and not as an entrepreneur/content creator.

The Mint had a great run; the part I enjoyed the most was collaborating with Austin on it. Give him a congrats btw, read below! 👇

An Update From Austin

Hey everyone. It's good to be back here writing. I've missed it for the last month!

So far, 2023 has been filled with lots (I mean lots) of running. I kicked off my indoor track season a few weeks ago and have been busy traveling to meets across the US. I accomplished one of my long-time goals of breaking 4 minutes in the mile last weekend in Boston and am stoked about my fitness going into the rest of 2023. As for work, I've been managing social media sponsorship and writing two additional newsletters since January for my job at Hammer & Axe Training, a virtual coaching service created by my teammates at Tinman Elite.

I'm excited to continue chasing my dreams with Tinman Elite as well as find a career that fits into my weird schedule as a professional runner.

The Mint was something I looked forward to publishing every week. Sure — it was tough to find stories in the bear market, but the end result was always worth our time. I'll definitely miss this side project but am excited about the next adventure.

What You Can Do In The Mean Time

The good news — there are so many great newsletters out there.

John and I like these two newsletters the most:

The Milk Road is a fun, playful, and informative crypto newsletter. The Drop is more NFT-focused and more of a technical read. Combined, you'll learn all you need to know about the industry every day.

Thanks again for following us on this journey. We've loved sending out The Mint to your inbox each and every week. We hope that we taught you something along the way. That's all we can ask for! ✌️☮️


John and Austin

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