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Goodbye Trophies, Hello NFTs

GM! Welcome to The Mint— the twice-per-week NFT newsletter for all. Good things come in pairs. 

Today's edition is brought to you by No Fun Team - a creative NFT studio helping onboard companies and individuals into web3.

WR Holders at FINA World Championships Gifted NFTs

Could we be seeing the end to physical trophies? It certainly looks that way. 

The FINA World Swimming Championships are currently happening in Budapest, Hungary. Before the event, FINA announced that athletes that achieve a world record at the championships would receive a $50,000 check and a specially made NFT. The NFTs are created by a local Hungarian artist

So far, two individual athletes have broken world records: Thomas Ceccon in the 100 backstroke and Kristof Milak in the 200 butterfly. 

Why should you care? → 

Although trophies, medals, and championship rings are great, they are difficult to showcase in today’s digital world. Most of the time, the trophies are won, and then they are put on a dusty shelf or, if they’re less important, put into a bin in the closet (as a former college athlete, I can attest to this). Why not just make those trophies digital? That way, you won’t need to transport them everywhere, you'll never lose them, and you’ll be able to show them off whenever, wherever. In addition to trophies, we think that other important physical items, like the deed to your home, your college diploma, or even your marriage certificate will transition to NFTs sooner than later.

NHL Partnering with Sweet.io

Fresh off the wildly entertaining Stanley Cup Final, the NHL announced a multi-year partnership with Sweet.io to release NHL-branded NFT collections. 

"We're honored to be partnering on an industry-first launch with an organization as globally renowned as the NHL. Working closely with the League and the Associations, we've curated some visually stunning action-packed moments, leveraging in-play gamification to create a genuinely engaging and unique relationship between collectibles and experiences." 

Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet

If you’ve been reading The Mint and aren’t convinced that NFTs are the future of sports collectibles, you should be now. The MLB, NBA, and WNBA have their own platforms. The MLS is getting its own platform soon, and now the NHL is too. 

Need more evidence? NBA Topshot recently crossed the coveted $1 billion in all-time sales mark and has over 1 million active users. We wrote about Cristiano Ronaldo signing a deal with Binance last week. Tiger Woods recently released an NFT collection, as have Lionel Messi and Serena Williams.

All the stars, teams, and leagues are getting involved. We’re excited to see all of these new platforms and projects roll out so that everyone can experience all the fun uses of NFTs and experience their favorite sport in a new way. 

Big hockey fan? Visit https://nhl.sweet.io/ to register for upcoming announcements and releases on the new platform.

A Web3 Writer's Room

A few months ago, Keyonna Taylor and Rob McElhenney, the star actor and producer of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, announced a new company that may drastically change the entertainment industry as we know it. The company, Adim, is essentially just a web3 version of a traditional writers' room, i.e., the place where TV shows and movies come to life. Let’s get into how it works and why it’s important. 

How it works→ 

Adim is currently accepting applications for its first Creator's Room. If accepted, you’ll take part in numerous collaborative video conferencing sessions to help brainstorm things like new characters and ideas for shows and movies. Once the sessions have finished, participants in the Room can own and earn rewards related to the characters developed in the Room. Each participant receives an NFT that includes details about their ownership, governance rights, and a right to receive rewards in the form of royalties or revenue shares for any future commercialization of the ideas generated in the Room.

Click this photo to watch a 1 min video of Rob explaining Adim!

Why it’s important→ 

The point of web3 is to spread ownership and decentralize the power of large companies. We know this may be a big generalization, but it’s true. Web3 creators like Keyonna and Rob are creating new ways for creators to own a greater share of the intellectual property that they generate. The Mint Staff thinks this is pretty cool, and we hope that more companies like this will bubble up to the surface to take on the major players in their respective industries.

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